I was selected for Taste of The Bay Magazine "2009 Holiday Editors Choice"

I'm really excited about this!!! Now to felt up some soaps!!!

Dear Business Owner,

Congratulations! Every November, Taste of the Bay Magazine publishes our very popular Editors’ Picks Gift List, a selection of unique items found right here in the Bay area. Starting in August, the TOTB editorial staff frequents numerous festivals, shops and areas to preview hundreds of items that peak our interest. From there, we narrow the list down to 15 – 20 select items. We have selected the item below from your store or business to be included in this year’s list.

Wool-Covered Soaps

Fiber artist Elise Miller takes handmade shea butter soap (made locally by Karen Danella of Cedarwood Soaps) and covers it in her own, hand-spun merino wools. The wool acts as a natural loofah and felts as you use it, shrinking as the soap wears away. Choose from scents such as grapefruit bergamot, sunflower marigold, clove, and tangerine spice. Three for $24.

To purchase, go to TrulyUniqueByElise.blogspot.com and follow the link on the right hand side to her 1000 Markets store or email elisecmiller@gmail.com.

About those hanging tomatoes I started in June...

I would have continued taking pictures of them, but it started to look like a failure from early on. We did get one tomato. It was the size of a cherry tomato. So, failure in those nice looking hanging planters. I do wonder, but I'm not going to purse it, that I may have had better success by just planting the tomato in the planter and not planting 4 herb plants in the top. Just a thought......