Studio Tour

We've been doing some work around the house.  Exercise room has been reclaimed and workout bench is out of my studio!!!  So it was clean up the studio day...perfect day to take pics of it while it's clean :)  Gridwall, folding tables and rolling rack are all equipment used at shows, also forcing me to clean up the place every now and then :)

Insulated Bottle Bags

Wool in the summer???  It's insulating, renewable and these bottle holders are quite stylish also.  Each bag has a built in loop with an antique brass spring ring that can clip to your belt loop or purse strap.  These bags are best used with a water bottle 1/2 you cold water sips for hours.  Bags are designed for the 24 oz tall sport bottles and for the larger liter bottles.

My Summer Studio....

I've closed off the studio to save energy and am now in Kitchen Studio Mode....dying fibers, hand sculpting insulated water bottle bags and will be working on felt hats soon.