It really is organized chaos

Ok.  The floor is messy..rovings and fibers all over the place...

My excuse was that I was working on fiber batts for hand rolled felt camera cases.  Peek in the basket above the rovings.  What you see there is a basket full of failures. 

I finally got it to the size I want and the thickness.  The winning size is the purple and tan ones in front of the rovings.  The tan on has an inner layer of sweet targhee wool, which really makes the inside cushion to protect the camera.  That's the winning fiber combination.  

More work on the kindle bags.  Mom is working on the bags.   I've carded up 2 more artbatts  to spin (the grey and purple on the top shelf).

On the shelf below, is the spun yarn, with the decorative button selected poking out of the center.  Fibers are going to be used to make the hand rolled straps.  

After a day of fiber flying all over the studio, and easy clean up into the boxes and baskets.  Projects are lined up and ready to go as time permits.

Kindle Bag

Crossover bag that is just big enough for your Kindle and glasses.  Handdyed perivuan wool for the bag, the flap is knitted in handspun art yarn, the strap is handrolled merino and is adjustable.  Magnetic snap closure and decorative button.  This is the 1st in the 2011 line of these bags.  More to come!!!

Available now at my
Artfire Shop

Handspun art yarn from last weeks fiber batts...

So pretty...I can't wait to see how these felt out!!!

More Fiber Batts

More fiber batts to be spun into singles for felting.....

Blues and brown merino, natural sweetgrass targhee, brown and natural silk, copper angelina fiber.  2.0 oz

Teal merino, purple merino/silk, natural sweet grass targhee, turquoise and chartruse silk and purple angelina fibers.  2.2 oz

Brown, salmon, gold and purple merino, brown and salmon silk,  natural sweet grass targhee, dyed mohair locks. 2.2 oz

Green, sage, red, camel, and salmon merino, black silk, mohair locks 2.0 oz

First Fiber Batt of the New Year...

Yummy....burgandy silk/merino, peach silk, black merino with specks of sari silk blended in....