Esther is finally done with her tote bag

I'm so proud of her!!!....I'm going to felt the bag for her soon...she's one of those Red Hatters...she wanted to put red straps on it and I said NO WAY!!! would ruin all the work she's done.  So up for her Society events. 

Quiet Waters - The Blue Heron Room

I was in a great room with lots of friendly sellers...I had more fun at this show than I've ever had!!  Here are some of my new friends and favorites from the show. 

My booth...#1 right near the parking lot entry door.

Cameron and Kristen of  Quirk and Bach Pottery

My girlfriend Ryki who came to help me out on as usual :)

Joe's booth...Crabtown of my booth neighbors (we were both in the promo photo shoot)...he taught me a few tricks about my new camera!!!

My other booth neighbor Lori of Dalango Creations. Beautiful Fused glass jewelry. We had soo much fun and I hope to have her as a booth neighbor again!!!

Susan Gist, metalsmith of Ezria Designs.

Cynthia of SweetWells...beautiful hand painted glass functional items.