A little treat for my show tomorrow....

How about a pinch pleated super soft merino nuno felted beret???

My Kiosk is DONE!!!

Everything it tagged, pressed and this is the basic layout for this years display.  I'm going to take a 3 day nap now....

How 'bout a bit of neutral....

Camel wool with pale grey, black, pale yellow with a tiny touch of baby blue...

Cheer Up!!! It's Friday!!!

The weather may be chilly but you can still do pretty pink to ward off the chills :)

Earthy tones Nuno Scarf

I may have to keep this one :)....when I was hanging it on the mannequin I just grabbed the two dreadlocks and tied it just to secure it.  Now I want a black or dark brown dress to wear with this. 

Tons of color!!! Floral and tie dye...

I've been hanging on to this piece of floral silk for a while, trying to pair it up with other silks.  Couldn't find anything to go with it so I decided to tie dye a plain piece of silk to coordinate with it.  I love how it turned out :)

Plum Pretty

lots of ruffles in plums and pink tones....

I'm getting bored with black!!!

3 more black combo scarves to finish. So I had to get some color up on the planning wall :)

Lillies and Leopards

This scarf is alot of fun.  Lilly and leopard print mixed with a brown oval dot silk.  Patina merino with a bit of coral angelina, coral and hot pink hand carded silk on the back and a few dreads for fun.

I think I'm getting over my "purple" block...

There is just something about purple....and me.  Maybe because purple is not one of my personal colors to wear.  So...what about just using purple as the accent with my kind of colors.  I think this worked out quite well.  3 different silk fabrics, the brown is beaded and sequined...it's gorgeous.  A little bit of sparkle angelina in the purple merino and tone it back down with brown silk over the back.  And a few dreads for fun!

Feeling blue on a rainy day?

This should perk you up.  Soft blues and tans with a crushed brown solid silk, tan will with a bit of angelina mixed in and a pretty blue silk on the back with two dreadlocks.   

This is how to do one of my tropical weight scarves!!

Thanks for modeling for me Sarah! Wrapped so that the silk, not wool is against her neck...great for a cool evening at the beach. 

Tiny Rose Posies Nuno Scarf

Rose pink crinkle chiffon and tiny rose and cream posies silk.  Brown Merino wool with a bit of copper angela, back of scarf is covered in natural color silk.

Black and Brown Animal Print

Black and brown coordinated silks with black merino, a bit of angelina sparkle and brown silk back.  Check out the two little dreadlocks :). 

Ice Princess

Blue violet print silk with handdyed violet for that pop of color.  Ice blue merino with a bit of Ice blue Angelina fibers.  Back is cover in white silk fibers.

Got Artpiece #1 for Lair...my David Scherer Clock :)

Sis and I went to the in Tarrytown NY...GREAT SHOW!!!

http://www.artrider.com/lyndf2011.html show link....I'd recommend any Artrider show for a great day!!!

I scored this awesome pendulum clock from artist David Scherer...

http://www.firenet.tv/   check out his studio!!!

How about some Cabbage Roses?

Cabbage rose and animal print silk with camel merino blended with angelina sparkle.  Back of scarf is cover with chartruse silk. 

Special Order Teal Floral & Dots

Two coordinated teal silk fabrics, teal and dusty blue merino fibers blended with sparkly angelina fibers...back of the scarf is overlayed with teal silk...

Coral is the new pink for this season

If you're looking for a pop of color, this is the one.  2 brown silks and coral merino.  Natural silk on the back. 

Snake Print Scarf

Snake print silk with mustard merino.  This scarf has the usuall full neckline and thin tails made from a few large circles of silk.  The whole scarf if outlined in cutwork circles.

Pop of Color Animal Print

Two mixed animal prints combined with bright turquoise merino. Brown silk on the back an lots of holes to pull the scarf through. 

Special Order Leopard Print

Fabric picked by customer was the silver leopard print.  It's paired up with a black, white and grey floral with surged edge flaps, black wool with metalic angelina and silver dyed silk over the back.

Back to my office renovation....teaser...

Ok...my throne is completed....new window seat with files below, curtain tieback courtesy of "Charming Charlies"....scored these great tassel necklaces...in the perfect colors.

Before and after picks coming soon...(gotta clean it up for photos) :)

Red and Black Nuno Scarf with Beaded Hearts

Red Merino wool carded with black Tussan silk.  Mix of reclaimed silk chiffon fabrics, some beaded.  Warm and fun with that black or grey winter coat.

Special Order Scarf

The fabric selected was the dots...the other fabrics I paired with it.

On this picture you can see a peek at the back of the scarf.  Swirled with burgandy silk.

Silk Selections for Special Orders...

Before I start chopping them up.  I love having a rainbow in my studio :)
If you want a close of up of a fabric, let me know.

Wave one of reclaimed silk nuno scarves

Merino wool and silk fibers are combined with reclaimed silk chiffon and crepe fabrics.  Scarves have in common a lightweight center of the scarf...meaning, more silk fabric than merino/silk fiber.  What this does for the scarf is give you beautiful draping options and if you're like me and just like the quick and easy "loop and through" method, the loop is not bulky because of the center silk.  All of these scarves look beautiful in the "double wrap" also.  The silk folds and drapes very softly.   I'll be taking individual photo's soon.   

My Favorite scarf tying methods:

Mmmm...Mustard Preview

Mustard Yellow is HOT HOT HOT for Fall 2011.  Made with reclaimed silks and a blend of Blue Face Leicester wool and silk, this scarf can provide lots of warmth if needed by wrapping around your face, (and you can even position breathing holes :))  This wool felted loftier than my merino nuno scarves, it's super soft and has a slightly fuzzy appearance to the fabric.

This scarf is extra long, and has 3 panels of silk at the neckline which gives it great drape when worn as shown in the wrap around tie method...or....

...when wrapped in the European Loop.  Lots of silk chiffon is around the neckline which give it a lofty yet lightweight feel around your neck.  It's a lightweight yet warm scarf without the bulk.

Sneak preview of my 2011 Holiday line

Free form nuno scarf from reclaimed silk chiffon fabrics.  Teals, greens and purple with a pop of leopard.  More silk fabric at the neckline, light on the wool resulting in more drape and wrap options.  Remember the fiber and fabric tease?  http://trulyuniquebyelise.blogspot.com/2011/07/fiber-batts-dyed-and-carded-to-match.html

VOTE FOR ME!!!! Artscape Fashion Contest

My entry reclaimed silk chiffon nuno scarf - free form design!!! Please go to Facebook, "attend" the "Artscape 2011 Fashion Competition" page and like my pic.  $250.00 prize and a writeup on their website!!!