Been a long time since the last blog is the finished shawl....she's been adopted :)

Huge new project...

Tables nested together in a 4x8 rectangle.  Hand dyed piece of silk, merino wool fibers, reclaimed silks.  What am I up to now?

Check out the chair I re-upholstered...been posting progress on FB

Neutrals...Grey, Tan and Black

The go with all colors.  Neutral and would go great with a bright colored coat.

Rose and Grey Scarves

Rose and Grey Diva and Fusion Nuno Scarves

Animal Prints

Feeling frisky?  Here's a peek at some of the animal prints I've been working on.

New Cobweb Fusion Scarves available at GALA

Cobweb Fusion Scarves.
Lightweight and warm, airy and soft. 
Available at GALA just in time for Valentines Day.

Fine wool fibers are coaxed together with silk fabrics
to create a soft web like texture with bubbles and
crinkles in the silk fabrics.  Delicate feel, but nuno
felt is quite a durable fabric.  Scarves are made with
reclaimed silk garments.