Mixed Media Nuno Scarves.  Thinking about adding these to my 2013 line :)

Lots of fingerless mitts for those cold offices and mittens.  Also...boot toppers...save your tights from zipper snags.  Reversable cable and ribbing...2 looks in one!!  Finally some handmade felt roses to pin on your sweater or coat, or put in your hair.  Pin for garments and a large bobbie pin for your hair included.

Getting ready for my last 3 shows of the season and will be putting more stock in GALA and ReSource soon.  Here's a peek at some of the treats coming up at my shows.  Scarves and hats, and yes...Soap in Sheeps Clothing is back due to many requests!!! 

2 New Scarfs and Phone Cases for Droid 2, Samsung Galaxy I Phones or Cameras.  Case has a small pocket on the flap for headsets.  You can see these items this Saturday at:
 First Dibs - Artisan Home Show
733 Holly Drive North, Annapolis, MD 21409


Design for personal need

It's about darn time I'm doing something for me.  Well I inherited the Droid.  Getting used to it somewhat but I've seen what the guys can do the the screens on them and decided I need a case that would protect it, and store a few accessories.  So here it is...my new cell phone case. I need the space for my Square and earpiece and it's perfect for both.  It will hold headsets if you're into music and has the spring clap ring to secure to belt loops.


Special Order

I did a special order bottle bag for my golfing brother in law.  He wanted greens...nothing girly :)

Here is what he had to say about it:

  • Thanks again!!! This coozie is amazing!! Yesterday 18 holes 89 degrees 65% humidity 3 refills and I still had ice left to enjoy a cool drink for the ride home!! Amazing isulation properties. Here are some pics. The last pic show how much ice was left...(the pink stuff is Mio :)) It looks pretty good hanging off the golf bag too :)

Studio Tour

We've been doing some work around the house.  Exercise room has been reclaimed and workout bench is out of my studio!!!  So it was clean up the studio day...perfect day to take pics of it while it's clean :)  Gridwall, folding tables and rolling rack are all equipment used at shows, also forcing me to clean up the place every now and then :)

Insulated Bottle Bags

Wool in the summer???  It's insulating, renewable and these bottle holders are quite stylish also.  Each bag has a built in loop with an antique brass spring ring that can clip to your belt loop or purse strap.  These bags are best used with a water bottle 1/2 frozen..giving you cold water sips for hours.  Bags are designed for the 24 oz tall sport bottles and for the larger liter bottles.

My Summer Studio....

I've closed off the studio to save energy and am now in Kitchen Studio Mode....dying fibers, hand sculpting insulated water bottle bags and will be working on felt hats soon. 

Fusion Scarves..

Assorted colors....more on the way....


Here you go purple lovers...

Happy Blue Monday!!!

I'm finally getting around to taking some pictures of new work...more to come...enjoy!

Sneak Peak Teaser...

A few of the new diva's I've been working on...(and ya'll thought I was just doing taxes all this time :)

Matching it all up....

I've been quiet, but I'm gearing up.  I have 20 scarves cut and ready to roll.   Here's a sneak peek of the fabrics and fibers....getting excited??? 

Handspun yarns...

I was back at the wheel this month.  Pretty merinos for wristwarmers and mittens and 2 coils for my sis to play with.

New line...Commuter Chic

Mosaic design of silk fabrics felted together for warmth and texture. Long and slender, this one is perfect for the simple noose wrap to keep you warm.   More to come :)

Happy New Year!!!

Warm Habotai and Chiffon Nuno Scarf in pretty purples, greens and blues...