Wave One of Tropical Weight nun Nuno's Done!!!

Sheer chiffon scarves accented with merino wool and silk in monochromatic tones. Very lightweight and they look great over a t-shirt!!!  I'll be listing then in my 1000 Markets Shop.

Hand carded fiber batts for Wave 2...Gradient color designs!!!

YEA!!! I made it back to Quiet Waters....

This time will be in booth 1 in the Blue Heron Room!!!  I'm so excited!!!!

Sneak Peak...Tropical Weight Nuno Scarves

Using chiffon silk as the backdrop circles and swirls of handcarded merino with bits of silk, angora and angelia.  Very lightweight and looks great over a plain t-shirt.     

Yarn to Dye for....

Wave 2 of my 2010 line of handknit hats out of my handdyed, handspun 100% super soft merino.  The 1st wave was the unisex rib knit watch cap.  These yummy yarns will be knit up into a skull caps. 

No Duck Tape Allowed!!!

I'm starting on my new hats...constructed design. One of the hardest things was to figure out a way to make a stiff brim out of anything other than duck tape and cardboard. I created a 5 layer laminate which is water resistant, soft, will hold it's shape and it's crush resistant.  

Fiber layout for hat fabric.  This one consists of natural corridale wool with silk, merino and camel hair on the top layer.

It wasn't just fiber I hauled away from the Festival!

And my adventures with my sister this weekend!!!

I took home a second place ribbon for the candle cozy!!!!  What a rush.   The competition was out of this world.  I was awed and inspired by all the other beautiful work in that room.  So yea...it was a happy day at the festival for me after that!

"Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival" http://www.sheepandwool.org/

My support group....Lelia, me, Glynnis, Patty Faridah and Jamie.

My Haul....ok....this one of for my fiber buddies to oggle over...Tan Shetland, Grey Lincoln, Dk Brown Jacob, mixed wool bags, natural and chocolate merino, camel hair and down, Tussan silk, bombyx silk, silk hankies and silk caps....gonna have fun dying these and blending them.

On Sunday we went show hopping. 1st stop was National Harbor. Awesome show, awesome venue. You can actually bring the hubby and dump him at one of the several bars they have around the Harbor.

How awesome is this...a Peeps store!!!!

http://picasaweb.google.com/elisecmiller/SheepWoolWeekend#  Links to rest of the pictures from the weekend.
We also went to the 1st Sunday Art Festival in Annapolis.   If all that stuff is handmade....I'd really be surprised.  Looked like a mix of retail and craft and some music.  I'd rate it..ok to add on to a day in Annapolis shopping and bar hopping.  National Harbor show was by far a superior show.  Watch for it next year, and alot of the artisan there will be at another new show in June at the Naval Academy.  See links below.

Event Links
http://www.paragonartevents.com/   Washington International Fine Arts Festival at National Harbor.

http://www.goweststreet.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=page.display&page_id=28  First Sunday Arts Festivals, West Street, Annapolis.

www.annapolisartsandcraftsfestival.com/index.html  The new Annapolis Arts and Crafts Fair June 11-12.