The basic display layout...

WHEW...done....I had to figure out what to do with all those darn candle holders Dottie worked on :)...

I kinda like how the new gridwall hat holders make it look like the hats are floating in the other corner.  I also decided to bag the waterfall handbag holders.  They take up way too much room and I think the straight long pegs work nicer in this configuration.
ACCOMPLISHED!!! All packed up and ready.  Now I can FINALLY play with that french silk I got in NYC with my bff Lori!  Patty will be happy I have her remote office desk setup for her upcoming visit :)

If you're thinking about setting up a new studio, I really recommend gridwall.  I started out with 4 walls, 2 corner shelves and some pegs and have been able to expand the system as the need arises.  In my case, I break this down and take it to shows with me, but in the off season it's the greatest system for organizing projects, especially with the ability to EASILY move shelving around whenever your needs change. 

Sometimes things happen for a reason.....

So I'm getting ready to list some new merino/silk scarves.  I bring the scarf to my desk so I can look at it while describing the colors and the textures and look closer and the gold threads are starting to fall out like tinsel...and falling out quite easily.  So...lesson learned....metallic tinseled cotton scrim doesn't work.  But that's ok...I like this scarf even better without the gold tinsel...looks more organic...your thoughts?

before I tore out all the gold tinsel

while pulling out the tinsel (and letting the old Dyson clean up the mess)....I like it much better!!!  An experiment that ended up working out just fine!

This one is for my peep Jessica xo......


I'm in gettin' ready mode for the upcoming shows.

Photographing...done....YEA!...I hate that the most....but Roger has done the comparisons on new cameras and I think he likes the Sony the best.  He's done the research, I just wanted a new digital camera that did the best with indoor photography and was smaller than the beastie one I have.

Tagging...Very important.  I know I'm not the only one who goes to a show, looks at items and if there's no prices I may be reluctant to ask the seller.  Maybe it's just me...I don't know.  I want my customers to be able to pick up an item and know how much it costs.  We're not selling cars here :)

So here are some of the final little things I've been working on for the show. 

Next up....SET.....setup the display....configure the gridwall and lay out items to see which way it will work the best.  That's kinda fun :)
Felted Flowers
Camera Cases
Kitty Cracknip...oh's back!!!!

New Felt Scarves.  A play on texture, these scarves are made of hand carded merino/silk with cotton scrim accents, a few holes here and there and handdyed silk edges. 

More off the "To Do" List

Small candle holders and new clutch bag prototype felted and drying. The felting work for the upcoming show is done! All that's left in the unfinished pile are the handspun skull caps that Dottie finished up in July. I've got to check the length and get the ribbed edge done.  Wait til you see the colors of these hats!

Oh...and I had to show off the felt flowers :)