Curtains are up in the Lair!!!

Cushion is on hold....I've decide to use a zipper to enclose the cover so I've got more fabric to measure, cut and get ready for assembly.

I need to get to Charming Charlies and find a few necklaces as tiebacks!!!

2011 Crop pants on the cheap....

 I cleaned out my closet, boxing up winter stuff and taking out summer stuff, all while purging out stuff for Goodwill.  Looking at my summer pants I decided I needed a new pair of denim crop pants so I started surfing seeing what styles were out there, prices etc.  Well I came across these for $48.00.  SERIOUSLY!!!  All they look like to me are a pair of old jeans, cut off and cuffed.  And guess what?  I have a few pair of jeans that look good but have shrunk up in length (so I only wear them with boots)...but hey...what the heck....I'm going to cut a pair down, not sew the edge like the pictured pair and make me up some spring fashion from a pair of jeans that were destined for the Goodwill bag.  :)


Window Seat Cushion for the Lair....Part 1

Finally!!!...working a bit in the lair!!!....

Start with a 2" thick piece of the "good stuff" upholstery foam and wrap and glue with batting.....

Get that final seam nice and my case, not necessarily straight but even :)

I decided to close off the raw seams by gluing a strip of silk chiffon over the raw worked like a charm!!!

And finish the end like wrapping a present....once it's dry (and the glue does stink!!!)'s up to the studio for wrapping with the fabric!!!