Just Playin'

and making a few felt flowers because I feel like it :)


My 2010 Men's Collection is taking shape!!!

Team inspired and bright colors for fun is the theme for my Fall 2010 Men's line of hats. 

The fingers behind most of these hats...My mom Dottie...84 years old, and clicking those sticks every day.  I joke and say that I have a "senior sweat shop" , but Dottie does do most of the production knitting of all my lines.  She's finishing up the ruffle edge candle holders and I've re-designed the vessel with a new top finish.

and finally my reluctant hat models...gotta love um :).....

Color Correction

I'm one to waste not want not, especially when it comes to fiber.  Sometimes a dye bath or paint job goes bad.  One thing is that you can turn anything brown and that works for men's wear so that's the worst that can happen to an overdye job.  It's perfectly ok with me because I prefer to use different shades of browns and blacks when I'm doing multiple yarn knitting projects.  So here I am...fessing up on how I corrected some ugly colors....

Here are the uglies.
I overdyed the greenish yarn olive...

The pink/orange got a bath of royal blue

The blue/brown hat got a wash of golden ochre, then a rinse in chartreause

The brown hat had some white specks that I didn't like, so I colorwashed the hat in a bath of burnt  orange.

The Results

The olive wash came out perfect...

The royal wash solved some of the problems but I feel I should have purple washed it because I don't like the blue. May purple wash it later..turn the blues purple and the greens brown...that would be better

Fun with this hat!!!...I love the outcome!!!

Finally the burnt orange just added that little halo of color to the hat and took care of the white spots.

Playing with new ideas in my head....

And POWER....yea....the cordless sander for starting the felting process is awesome....I'm carding some merino with silk, angelina, angora, mohair....whatever will give me the texture I want...these are still a bit larger than I wanted them to end up so a bit smaller on the next batch of them.

Man head needs a paint job....

Finally got the man head for displaying my men's hats.  Good old styrofoam...lightweight to carry to a show but seriously...can they do better with the colors....so...he's in the paint shop now...debut soon....

The Wall Art is FINALLY Done!!!!

Yea!!!...I'm pretty pleased with the results for my 1st attempt at acrylic with glazes.  Now...back to fiber art and oh...yea....that duvet cover I want to make.