I'm getting bored with black!!!

3 more black combo scarves to finish. So I had to get some color up on the planning wall :)

Lillies and Leopards

This scarf is alot of fun.  Lilly and leopard print mixed with a brown oval dot silk.  Patina merino with a bit of coral angelina, coral and hot pink hand carded silk on the back and a few dreads for fun.

I think I'm getting over my "purple" block...

There is just something about purple....and me.  Maybe because purple is not one of my personal colors to wear.  So...what about just using purple as the accent with my kind of colors.  I think this worked out quite well.  3 different silk fabrics, the brown is beaded and sequined...it's gorgeous.  A little bit of sparkle angelina in the purple merino and tone it back down with brown silk over the back.  And a few dreads for fun!

Feeling blue on a rainy day?

This should perk you up.  Soft blues and tans with a crushed brown solid silk, tan will with a bit of angelina mixed in and a pretty blue silk on the back with two dreadlocks.   

This is how to do one of my tropical weight scarves!!

Thanks for modeling for me Sarah! Wrapped so that the silk, not wool is against her neck...great for a cool evening at the beach.