Taste of The Bay Gifts

Taste of the Bay's Top 20 Gifts...the magazines are in circulation. Soaps will be available anytime at my online 1000 Markets Shop.

I was selected for Taste of The Bay Magazine "2009 Holiday Editors Choice"

I'm really excited about this!!! Now to felt up some soaps!!!

Dear Business Owner,

Congratulations! Every November, Taste of the Bay Magazine publishes our very popular Editors’ Picks Gift List, a selection of unique items found right here in the Bay area. Starting in August, the TOTB editorial staff frequents numerous festivals, shops and areas to preview hundreds of items that peak our interest. From there, we narrow the list down to 15 – 20 select items. We have selected the item below from your store or business to be included in this year’s list.

Wool-Covered Soaps

Fiber artist Elise Miller takes handmade shea butter soap (made locally by Karen Danella of Cedarwood Soaps) and covers it in her own, hand-spun merino wools. The wool acts as a natural loofah and felts as you use it, shrinking as the soap wears away. Choose from scents such as grapefruit bergamot, sunflower marigold, clove, and tangerine spice. Three for $24.

To purchase, go to TrulyUniqueByElise.blogspot.com and follow the link on the right hand side to her 1000 Markets store or email elisecmiller@gmail.com.

About those hanging tomatoes I started in June...

I would have continued taking pictures of them, but it started to look like a failure from early on. We did get one tomato. It was the size of a cherry tomato. So, failure in those nice looking hanging planters. I do wonder, but I'm not going to purse it, that I may have had better success by just planting the tomato in the planter and not planting 4 herb plants in the top. Just a thought......

Quiet Waters Art and Music Festival

The dormer in the Blue Heron Room worked out pretty darn well as a display and demo area. I had a wonderful time at this show.
The volunteer staff from the Friends of Quiet Waters were constantly coming by to insure that the artists could take a break if needed.
I met alot of wonderful people at this show. The spinning demo worked out great. I had a basket of scrap fiber for the little kids to play with and it was so cute when I was repeatedly asked by them if I could spin straw into gold. I had a few people ask if I've ever spun dog and cat hair...answer is no, but I guess one of these days, for the right price I could do it LOL.
This was one of the nicest venues I have sold at, and I hope I make the cut next year to return. I'd just like to be in a different space next year. I made a few contacts for future shows that I will check out this year and see if I want to apply to them next year. I'd like to thank my peeps that showed up to support me and hang out for a bit...xo to Sue Anne, Stepanie, Lori and an extra xo to Ryki for working the show with me on Sunday so I could do a little shopping at the other vendor booths.

2009 Fiber Art Collections and Show Schedule

Here's a sneak peak at my 2009 Fiber Art Collection.

Show Schedule:

Saturday/Sunday September 26th & 27th
10am to 5pm
Art and Music Festival at Quiet Waters Park
Quiet Waters Park Road, Annapolis, MD


Saturday November 7th
10am to 3pm
St. Matthews UMC
14900 Annapolis Road, Bowie MD

Earth Song


Denim Blues

Santa Fe

Gulf Coast

Was busy in the dyepot today

2lbs of handpainted roving....and I love all the colorways!!! yea....

The Alchemy of Fiber

In fiber art the alchemy or "art of transformation" is achieved by taking raw fiber and "transforming" it into a new fabric.

This wall hanging is a perfect example of the various forms a batt of raw fiber can evolve into.

I started with a carded fiber batt. I found this beautiful batt at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and it just spoke to me to do something creative with it.

I first spun some yarn from this batt. I spun a single ply yarn and let the fiber "do it's thing" for a really textural thick and thin yarn.

I then took the remainder of the batt and spread it out and wet felted the backdrop, again, letting the fiber do it's thing with the edge shaping.

I handsculpted a few little charms and needle felted them to the background, attached the knitted sample and crocheted a cord to hang it from the wall.

So there you have all of my fiber techniques in one piece of art. Spinning, felting, knitting, crochet and needlefelting.

This one of a kind wall sculpture can be found at my artisan shop at 1000 Markets


2 Month Countdown....

Another nice day in the DC suburbs. I was able to get the last 4 newly designed Haras bags felted.

You know what that means. New items coming to my 1000 Markets Shop soon. I have only 2 months until the Quiet Waters Show in Annapolis. I have 6 clutch bags to finish to complete my 2009 handbag line.

Now to the fun stuff. Knitting up my handspun yarn into cozy traditional cuff beanies and fingerless mitts. And more spinning....

We Pick....Geno's

On our way back from a 4th of July get together we decided to do lunch in Philadelphia. Time for some Cheesesteaks!!....Decisions....Pat's or Geno's....this time we picked Geno's.

Yea...we're here at Geno's and the Philly Skyline in the background.

...The line....but a nice day to hang in a line.

Geno's Harley's....

Paintings of old performers across the street from Pats.

Pat's Cheesesteaks...decided nah...this time...wanted to do Geno's

Hanging Tomatoes

Ok...I wouldn't buy those lame topsy tervy tomatoe planters but the concept of growing them upsidedown appealed to me in my suburban garden. They always fell on the ground anyhow, branches hanging downward, so what the heck...give it a try for this season.

I used my nice coco mat planters and cut a hole in the bottom to plant the tomatoes. In the top I planted various herbs...so here's the update at weeks 3 and weeks 5. They are growing, but appear to be growing upward, but I'm sure once they start to bear fruit, the'll fall downward...we'll see...

Week 5

Week 3

Wanna know what I've been up to???

stay tuned fiber heads!!!

I've been accepted into the Quiet Waters Show in Annapolis this year. September 26th & 27th. Updates on new design collections coming soon!!!

Also...I'm doing upside down tomatoes this year...not the lame infomercial ones, I used my own pots and planted herbs on top.