Hard Hittin' Chili

One of my fondest memories from childhood were the hot dog stands in New Britain.  It was a treat to get take out dogs from Snack-Eateria on Corbin Ave.  Alot of folks from New Britain will argue that Capitol Lunch had the better chili dogs, but we could walk to Snack-Eateria and that old Greek dude could cook up some mean chili.  So in my quest to duplicate that memory, I have come close with this chili recipe, modified from a few Cincinnati Chili recipe's.  If you want the spice list, please send a note asking for the "complete" recipe.  Enjoy and let me know if it brings back memories to those old taste buds!

Checking more off the to-do list

Finally got around to felting up the last batch of soap I needed for the show. I also think I have enough "soap cocoons" to bring back a few "Kitty Cracknip" toys.


Dottie's Felted Vessels

The felted candle cozies have been one of Mom's knitting projects for this season, besides knitting the men's hats.

I would start them for her by knitting the bottom of each vessel,  placing each one in a separate zip lock bag with coordinated yarn and texture fibers that I wanted her to use for each vessel.  Dottie would finish them up and give them to me to add the additional texture "pebbles" and "bubbles" and fell them.   

In production right now are about a dozen more of the really short vessels like you see on the red candle below. These are the simplest of all of the cozies because they are solid without texture additions so finishing on them for me takes less time.

Now back to to studio to see what else is on the get finished list.

Latest Wave of Tropical Nuno Scarves

Here's a sneak peak of the latest batch of Tropical nuno scarves and new line of merino/silk warm scarves.   Yes...warm even with the holes in them :)   I'll be listing them soon to 1000 Markets...(it's such a pain listing stuff knowing that it's hot as heck and no one cares about wool right now).

Sneak Peak!! Gradient Color Nuno Scarves

Handdyed silk scarves and fibers in gradients combinations.  More colors coming...back to the dyepot!!!