The Alchemy of Fiber

In fiber art the alchemy or "art of transformation" is achieved by taking raw fiber and "transforming" it into a new fabric.

This wall hanging is a perfect example of the various forms a batt of raw fiber can evolve into.

I started with a carded fiber batt. I found this beautiful batt at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and it just spoke to me to do something creative with it.

I first spun some yarn from this batt. I spun a single ply yarn and let the fiber "do it's thing" for a really textural thick and thin yarn.

I then took the remainder of the batt and spread it out and wet felted the backdrop, again, letting the fiber do it's thing with the edge shaping.

I handsculpted a few little charms and needle felted them to the background, attached the knitted sample and crocheted a cord to hang it from the wall.

So there you have all of my fiber techniques in one piece of art. Spinning, felting, knitting, crochet and needlefelting.

This one of a kind wall sculpture can be found at my artisan shop at 1000 Markets


2 Month Countdown....

Another nice day in the DC suburbs. I was able to get the last 4 newly designed Haras bags felted.

You know what that means. New items coming to my 1000 Markets Shop soon. I have only 2 months until the Quiet Waters Show in Annapolis. I have 6 clutch bags to finish to complete my 2009 handbag line.

Now to the fun stuff. Knitting up my handspun yarn into cozy traditional cuff beanies and fingerless mitts. And more spinning....

We Pick....Geno's

On our way back from a 4th of July get together we decided to do lunch in Philadelphia. Time for some Cheesesteaks!!....Decisions....Pat's or Geno's....this time we picked Geno's.

Yea...we're here at Geno's and the Philly Skyline in the background.

...The line....but a nice day to hang in a line.

Geno's Harley's....

Paintings of old performers across the street from Pats.

Pat's Cheesesteaks...decided nah...this time...wanted to do Geno's