Red and Black Nuno Scarf with Beaded Hearts

Red Merino wool carded with black Tussan silk.  Mix of reclaimed silk chiffon fabrics, some beaded.  Warm and fun with that black or grey winter coat.

Special Order Scarf

The fabric selected was the dots...the other fabrics I paired with it.

On this picture you can see a peek at the back of the scarf.  Swirled with burgandy silk.

Silk Selections for Special Orders...

Before I start chopping them up.  I love having a rainbow in my studio :)
If you want a close of up of a fabric, let me know.

Wave one of reclaimed silk nuno scarves

Merino wool and silk fibers are combined with reclaimed silk chiffon and crepe fabrics.  Scarves have in common a lightweight center of the scarf...meaning, more silk fabric than merino/silk fiber.  What this does for the scarf is give you beautiful draping options and if you're like me and just like the quick and easy "loop and through" method, the loop is not bulky because of the center silk.  All of these scarves look beautiful in the "double wrap" also.  The silk folds and drapes very softly.   I'll be taking individual photo's soon.   

My Favorite scarf tying methods: